by So Yoon Lym (board 1)

Dreamtime Board 1 $50

So Yoon Lym was born in Seoul, Korea, but spent her early years growing up in Kenya and Uganda. At 15 she studied under Korean exiled painter, Ung No Lee in Normandy, France. His teaching opened So Yoon up to the interconnectedness of art and how deeply personal one's process can be. She currently resides in Paterson New Jersey as an art educator. Constantly creating new work connecting her day to day experiences to bigger ideas in the history of mark making.

From So Yoon's coveted The Dreamtime series we created 3 pieces. See board 2 here and her tee here. The intricately hand-painted, large scale works, use her students as models and their braids to represent Aboriginal stories and visions of creation. See the full series and read more about The Dreamtime here See all of So Yoon's work here

Natural Wood + Photo Print  

All skateboards are made from 100% Maple Hardwood and have 7-ply construction. Lovingly crafted in the USA.

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